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We have an application (Bugzilla) running on a server local to our network. The email that is send out is from bugzilla-daemon@ourprojbugz (notice that there are no domain qualifiers such as .com or .org). When I try to add this address to the list of Safe Senders I get a warning popup that says:

The e-mail address or domain name you entered is not valid. Valid entries include: or

Microsoft is trying to be helpful here (because most email comes from hosts that have some sort of top level domain identifier).

Our network is set up so that we get to the bugzilla database using the URL:


I have tried using the Never Block Sender option from the Delete section of the Home menu, and also tried adding it manually in the Safe Senders tab of the Junk E-mail Options form.

Is there some way to add email from a local host (one that is not qualified by a Top Level Domain name)?

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It is stored in the registry:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook

(Or the profile name). It is stored in binary – I confirmed that there was a write to this location via ProcMon against OUTLOOK.EXE.

Your host should have an FQDN if its going to send email anyways even local, can you not add .local or .lan to this host's name? If using a Red Hat derivitive it would be in /etc/sysconfig/network.

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Instead of using the Junk filters, you can create a rule to do this.

Rules (in the Move section of the Home menu) can be used to move mail from a specific sender to a specified mail folder.

Open a message from the sender (in this example, bugzilla-daemon@ourprojbugz). When the message is open, select the Rules in the Move section of the Home menu and create a rule.

In the When I get e-mail ... section of the Create Rule form, check the box to select From bugzilla-daemon@ourprojbugz

In the Do the following section of the Create Rule form, check the box for Move the item to folder:, and select the folder you want the mail to go into.

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