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I've a very inexpensive virtual server but I get regular stuck in my developement with xdebug and Typo3 websites. Currently I'm running sshd, ftp, xdebug, mysql, postfix on my server and it's only for little developement because mostly I develop on my local box. Is xdebug requirement is heavy?

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There is an overhead inevitable, though that is getting better. It still exists though, even if it's marked as disabled.

There is still a bit, about 10%. Xdebug 2.2 (currently SVN-only) have some improvements for this with xdebug.coverage_enable=0 ---!/xdebug/status/50262398933798912

Personally, I'd leave Xdebug off a production server, and try to only run it locally. For profiling, running it live can still be useful, but XHProfLive has been engineered with less no-op overhead, and so I've had that running 1 time in 10,000 live calls before. Most people shouldn't need it anyway (except on a development machine).

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