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When you build a USB drive for on the go computer management, maint., repair, diag., ect... what apps do you use/add? I know there is portableapps.com but I'm thinking even beyond that as to your favorite portable apps, and just apps in general that you use to do computer related work.

Hijackthis, ccleaner, just to name a few ideas.

Categories I'm currently thinking are:
- AntiVirus based
- Registry and System Cleaners
- Registry edit scripts
- Disk repair, and management utilities
- Networking related tools
- General diagnostics tools
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A full toolchain would actually probably be best spread across multiple USB keys. Why? Well in case one failed you wouldn't be completely dead in the water. Also, you could make one your Live environment, another a re-usable bootable installer/bootable utils, and another one to just dump your utils on.

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