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I have a Linux system which has 2 interfaces, one for private network 172.16.x.x, another has public ip connected to Internet. How can I connect to other systems in 172.16.x.x from my Laptop having Windows via internet? I think i need to have VPN, but i don't care about security, is their any easy solution without buying any hardware?

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You can run a software VPN server on your Linux system and they're all free.

pptpd only needs a couple of configuration files and you can even use simple plain-text passwords. There's no need to setup any kind of shared secret or certificate and the client is built-in to almost all internet-connected devices with a colour display.

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Probably what you are looking for is simply to use iptables NAT features if you only have specific systems + ports you want to expose on the public-facing interface.

If you need something quick and dirty without learning the syntax and concept of iptables (which is educational but involved), rinetd will work, again, assuming you only have specific systems + ports you want to expost on the public-facing interface. I've found rinetd to be unstable under load, though.

If you want to access anything on the subnet from outside, you're looking at needing some type of tunneling or VPN in the mix. OpenVPN would be what I would recommend, or Adito if an SSL VPN sounds more to your liking.

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