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I would like to give my netbook a nice boost in performance. Thus, I'm considering upgrading my Windows 7 Starter Edition (which came along with my Samsung NP-N220 netbook and is really slow) to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

I have already bought new 2 GB RAM to replace the old 1 GB.

Which OS would be more suitable for my netbook (in order to speed up this tiny machine). What are the real RAM requirements of both of Windows 7 versions?

The price difference is not an issue.

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They are exactly the same. The requirements are exactly the same. The features are not the same, but do not change requirements of the operating system, either way a slow netbook with 2GB of memory is still going to be slow. You would be better off not even upgrading your license. – Ramhound May 1 '12 at 16:50
Pro or Ultimate will not "speed up" your notebook, most likely will run slower due to your limited hardware, there is a reason it came with starter. – Moab May 1 '12 at 20:35

First, you need to Compare Editions. Right off the bat... do you need BitLocker or the ability to change to one of 35 languages? No? Well, then you don't need Windows 7 Ultimate.

Do you plan on running many programs made for XP that won't natively work with Windows 7? Do you plan on connecting your netbook to a work domain? Do you need the ability to backup to a network, as opposed to just using the normal Windows backup function? No? Then you don't need Windows 7 Professional either.

That would leave Windows 7 Home Premium. It has all the features you will need, and it will perform the same as Professional or Ultimate.

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First of all, a Windows upgrade is not going to give you a boost in performance -- if anything, having more features will make things run slower (especially if you start making use of those extra features). On the other hand, given how little RAM you have now, an extra GB of RAM will probably more than make up for that.

That said, as others have mentioned, you likely don't really need anything more than Home Premium. However, if you'd like built-in support for being able to Remote Desktop into your computer, then you'll need the Pro edition for that.

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First step I would take is to look at the actual features of the operating system you are thinking of.

If this laptop is for personal and basic use (which I'm hoping, as it's a netbook) I would honestly recommend just Windows 7 Home Premium.

You have mentioned that price is not a factor, but in all honesty, unless you are going to utilize the "XP Mode" in Professional and Ultimate (which may be a little slow on that CPU) I would stick with the Home Premium.

With the RAM upgrade and that CPU, it should run just fine.

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