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I just installed a SSD in my HP G60-230US laptop and would like to use the HDD as a second drive in the CD/DVD bay.

Does anyone know who sell a SATA caddy that would work for my laptop? I emailed caddy vendors on Amazon market place and ebay but they cannot tell me that their products would work in my HP laptop model.

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The beauty of laptop optical drives, is that aside from the tray panel and how it attaches to the tray, the rest of the drive is universal. Your laptop uses a standard optical drive, and it could make use of a true universal replacement slim drive (the kind where the drive "door" is no wider/taller than the dimensions of the drive). So, yes... any number of the ones I found on Amazon will work in your laptop. Several at Amazon. Note, I'm not talking about a 9.5mm Ultra slim drive... I'm talking about a standard 12.7mm slim drive. Your laptop doesn't use an Ultra Slim drive.

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