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I purchased a book in Amazon and it added it to the kindle cloud. The cloud reader application was installed in Chrome running on Ubuntu. I downloaded the book for offline reading. My questions are

  1. Where is the book saved on disk?
  2. Is it possible to take a print out of the book since I prefer reading it old style?
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You could essentially locate the location of the book that has been downloaded but chances are that is contains DRM – Christopher Wilson May 2 '12 at 2:36

It is not possible to print the book, since it is DRM. It is not supported. However, you can go manually every page through, take screenshots and combine a book, but it is burdensome. Nevertheless, you can program this by mirrowing the screen to other display where you ask the system to browse pages in steady intervals and take screenshots. There is a very nice Linux terminal program called Xdotool for this which you bind then to a small script for mouse clicking. If Amazon is going to detect this, then put some random timing to hide the machine. You can automate this for many books (I think maximum 3 devices at the some time) by using TTYs.

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