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I have 2 zip files that were split using:

zip -r -s 15 my_file.zip my_file.pdf

Now I have 2 files:

  • my_file.zip
  • my_file.z01

How can I unzip them?

Doing unzip my_file.zip I get:

Archive: my_file.zip
waring (my_file.zip) zipfile claims to be last disk of a multi-part archive;
  attempting to process anyway, assuming all parts have been concatenated
  together in order.  Expect "errors" and warnings...true multi-part support
  doesn't exist yet (coming soon).
file #1:  bad zipfile offset (local header sig):  4
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Try to open the first file first, my_file.z01? –  ekaj May 2 '12 at 12:10

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zip doesn't support unzipping split files (bizarrely) so first you have to "fix" them on the receiving end.

zip -F my_file.zip --out unsplit.zip

This will get all files from the my_file.z* split archives and copy them into a new zip called unsplit.zip (or whatever you want).

You can then unzip this file as normal.

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