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I like to run two windows side by side- either two web browser windows or a code editor and a browser.

How do I snap these two together. The desired effect is if F minimise them, they both get minimised and if click on one to return to it- they both go back to side by side

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There's no way (that I'm aware of) to tether a window to another and minimize/maximize them with a single click. But there are quick, convenient workarounds to this. Start with snap-fit windows: a browser and an editor side by side. You can use the following shortcuts:

Win is the Windows button

  1. To minimize both windows simultaneously, press Win+M
  2. To maximize both windows really quickly, press Ctrl+Win+1 and Ctrl+Win+2 in succession. This is assuming your browser and editor windows are the first and second windows shown in your taskbar as below
    enter image description here

Rather than figure out a way to tinker around with Windows settings/API, it makes much more sense to become familiar with all of Windows 7's keyboard shortcuts.

A quick way to snap-fit any window (regardless of size, position) is to press Ctrl+left arrow for a left snap-fit and Ctrl+right arrow to push it to the right. I had no idea about many of these shortcuts, hope they help

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