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What are the other IM services that use Jabber other than gtalk?

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Wikipedia ref -- Free Jabber Clients.
Jabber uses XMPP -- List of XMPP client software.
Here is a frequently updated list of registered Public XMPP Services.

In addition to large, well-known services such as Google Talk, Live Journal Talk, Nimbuzz, and Ovi, there are also many smaller services run by volunteers in the XMPP community.

And, Pidgin is a good client.

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If you are thinking about deployment your own chat service over your company intranet, you should look at Openfire.


It's very easy to setup (just require a server with a JVM if I remember) and it's compatible with all XMPP client. I set it up 18 months ago and forget how it work since, as it is a 0 maintenance tool !

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It's not clear whether you're asking about IM clients (as in the question title) or IM services (as in the question body).

If you're asking about clients, I've been using Pidgin for a few years and like it quite a bit.

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edited question. – user11298 Sep 16 '09 at 9:58

A little more context would help. Jabber is a open standard, and well, anyone can run their own, interoperable server, so there's quite a few. However you can run a server on its own, closed off from accounts on other servers. Knowing why you need to know this might help answer your question better.

Most multiplatform clients (empathy and kopete on linux, pidgin on everything it runs on, and miranda on windows) support jabber out of the box. There's also standalone clients like spark

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