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I have a Sony Vaio running Windows 7. YouTube and most flash sites work, but there are a few that have odd behaviors. When the page is loaded, halfway down there are some flash-based new feeds that load. Two of them are getting Spinning Gears.

I have tried disabling and enabling the Chrome flash and the Windows 7 flash in different combinations to no avail.

The symptom is identical in Chrome and IE9.

I have run all updates and installed newest versions of Flash.

I have disabled all the known culprits in IE9 (protected mode etc..)

Still will not load.

  • Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Update your graphics drivers, and if that doesn't resolve the issue, you can then try to disable hardware acceleration. – iglvzx May 2 '12 at 20:55

If you are running IE then disable the Chrome Framework BHO (browser helper object) add-in and it should start working. I have not found a resolution for chrome it seems to have gotten more clunky so I just went back to FF.

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I'm seeing problems with Adobe Flash if the version is higher than and the OS is Windows 7 x64 and the account is non-admin. See if you can run the older version for testing. If so, yank Adobe's chain about this issue. Not everyone runs around as administrator.

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