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My router has 5 jacks :) so I want to place another (also flat) Ethernet cable along the same wall. Is it any danger of a quality loss if I place this 2nd cable on the top of the 1st one? Or I'd better place 2nd one along the floor line (as 1st one goes along the ceiling line)?


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It should be fine - most ethernet cables are fairly resistant to interferance by design , and they're designed to be run together , in fact in corporate settings you might see DOZENS of them being run together.

enter image description here

I'd suggest whichever option thats logistically easier

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most ethernet cables aren't actually shielded. they eliminate interferece with twisted pair wiring and differential signaling – swatso33 May 3 '12 at 3:25

It will be fine to run them next to each other, especially for home use. Ethernet cables are designed to be very resistant to interference.

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