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  • ThinkPad T400
  • Intel WiFi chipset
  • Pacific Surfliner (LAX to SAN route)
  • Windows 7

When I try to connect to the WiFi network on-board, this is what I get:

  • Speed: 65.0 Mbps
  • Signal Quality: All the bars are green
  • IPv4 Connectivity: No Internet access
  • IPv6 Connectivity: No Internet access

When I tried looking at the details, there was no IP address assigned to my computer.

I tried running the IE9/Windows 7 networking diagnostics and the computer wasn't able to fix the problem.

I also tried disabling and re-enabling my wireless chip using the ThinkPad's physical switch.

What can I try to get an IP address? Should I just hope that the problem goes away on its own?

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Are your IPv4 settings set to automatic? – iglvzx May 3 '12 at 6:09
Yes, they are. <filler> – Zian Choy May 7 '12 at 1:07
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Can anyone else in your area get Internet access on that network? It's probably just that the network is broken. Ask a conductor or other Amtrak employee about the problem.

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