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Is it possible to configure the proxy for chrome separately, i.e. without using the global windows proxy configuration?

I remember there were some discussions about adding a commandline switch for it to allow extensions to handle setting the proxy, but a quick look at the chrome extension list just gave me tons of "use proxy xyz for site xxx" addons but nothing simple to just give me an UI to configure the proxy only for Chrome.

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You can use proxy profiles with Proxy Switchysharp, or define it command line using --proxy-server parameter.

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Example: chrome.exe --proxy-server=myproxy:8080 – Helge Klein Dec 9 '13 at 11:48
"--proxy-server" and "--no-proxy-server" parameters seem not to work in Chrome. Maybe they work only in Chromium? – Honza Zidek Jun 9 at 20:55
@HonzaZidek working fine for me (just tested, functionality is still here), and it has been working for a lot of people for a long time. Using Chrome 51, never used Chromium. – eis Jun 10 at 5:53
Well, what I want to achieve is NO PROXY. I tried --no-proxy-server and this seems completely ignored by my Chrome (tried with versions 50, 51 and 52beta). Can I get the effective result of NO PROXY using --proxy-server=something? – Honza Zidek Jun 10 at 7:17
probably not. Also: I've been referring to --proxy-server, there is no --no-proxy-server parameter listed anywhere that I can see. Where did you find that? – eis Jun 10 at 7:51

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