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I am using Sharepoint 2007 and IE 7.

I have my personal account, and also got from SA an account to use from a program.

At some point I wanted to check that the permissions of the program account were correctly set so I logged in with it. Since then, everytime I connect to the sharepoint it does not ask me for a password and logs me with the program user.

Closing the session does not work as it closes the IE and the next time I am automatically logged again; I have also deleted all offline content from the browser. I get it to work if I click in "Log in as Another user", but then when I start another session I am back at the program account.

This is really annoying, anyone can give me any advice?

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Go into the credential Manager (on the client machine) and delete the credentials for the "wrong" username.

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For whoever finds this useful --> Control Panel --> User accounts --> Advanced --> Manage Passwords. Names can change a little (I am translating from a Spanish language PC). – SJuan76 May 3 '12 at 8:57

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