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Is that possible to determine maximum memory (RAM) size on my computer?

As you know there are a lot of mother boards that do not support memory beyond some upper board limit. I would like to increase memory for my laptop (Samsung R40 plus) but it is too old (near 5 years) and it has a lot of configurations so do not push me on official documentation, because maybe I have another configuration.

P.S. I know about 4Gb memory limit for 32 bit PC.

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According to Crucial's memory tool, your system can handle up to 2gb total, with 1gb maximum per slot.

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I don't know exactly how much RAM your computer can't handle. However I think its important to note that most applications do not have the capability to user more than 4GB. There are exceptions i.e if you are working on big image files or using virtual machines.

Hope this is helpful

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Well thanks but my P.S. note is talking about that somehow... – Michael Z May 3 '12 at 9:11

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