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How to play .smi format subtitles with VLC player 2.0.1 ?

The player is reading the .smi file but the subtitle text displays in special characters .

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You need to set the correct encoding for .smi subtitles. Go to Tools > Preference > Subtitles and set the correct encoding, depending on the language of the subtitle.

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Try opening the .smi file in a web browser such as Google Chrome. Adjust character encoding so the characters show up correctly. Copy the content into a text file and save with .smi extension.

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Try turning off the Kate Overlay Decoder. To do this, Tools -> Preferences, then at the bottom of the window, Show Settings (All). In the left list, choose Input Codecs -> Subtitle Codecs -> Kate and uncheck the box on the right hand side.

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Easy way to play .smi format subtitles is to convert it to .srt file.

  • Use subtitleEdit software.
  • Open the software, then file> open> (choose the smi file).
  • Then file> save as> rename it as .srt file and save it.
  • Your .smi file is converted to .srt file. Now you can play it easily.
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