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I'm running some apps in screen under cygwin. However, when trying to reattach to the screen via 'screen -r', 'screen -x', and 'screen -RR' nothing appears to happen and I just get a new prompt line, no error messages or nothing.

'screen -ls' does list the screen as Detached.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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The problem is sometimes in the not-so-great terminal emulation of cygwin's terminal; All these problems went away for me once I switched to using the fork of putty patched to connect to a local cygwin process like bash.

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Thanks, this works a lot better on so many levels :) Copy/Pasting is less of a drag too. – Ticcie Sep 17 '09 at 7:07

Another option would be to install mintty from within the Cygwin Setup.

You can select it in:

Select Packages > Shells > mintty

I've been using mintty ever since I found out about it.

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What terminal are you using? I use rxvt which works quite well. The default terminal which runs inside a windows command prompt has many limitations. Mintty is nice too, especially if you're used to Putty.

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