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Is there a cable (or splitter of some kind) I can use to drive two independent displays using the DVI port on the PR03X Dell docking station that's docked to a Dell E6320?

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Swap for a PRO2X which includes dual DVI/dual DisplayPort (aka Dell E-Port Plus) – edusysadmin May 3 '12 at 14:35
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The port on the docking station is a 'Dual-link' DVI-D, this does not mean it can run multiple displays. Your best solution would be to use a converter for the VGA slot to convert it to DVI.

First check that the docking station supports 2 displays from both of it's ports simultaneously, i can't find much documentation on it myself.

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DVI technology is not designed to be capable of running two displays. This is physically impossible. If you want additional displays I recommend yuo look into DisplayLink powered devices, they are effectively USB to DVI adaptors.

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It could be used to run two displays, certainly wasn't designed for it but the DVI-I connection carries DVI (digital) aswell as VGA (analogue) so you could theoretically split the two signals. But no graphics cards would support this. – HaydnWVN Sep 26 '12 at 9:49

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