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I have a external HDD and have a folder in it called icons\ which stores all the custom icons (yes, I'm nostalgic!) for the different folders on my drive. But when I open my hard-drive on a different system (dealing only w/ Windows here), it doesn't show the icons I chose. I guess this is b'coz the paths change. How do I fix this?

[Edit:] After thinking this through, I'm guessing the reason this might not be possible is that every-where, the hard-drive won't get assigned the same letter. For example: On my desktop, it might be F:\ and on my laptop it might be G:\. And the letter would also change if you connected the HDD to a different USB port. How can I fix this? Use some system variable to know which drive the HDD is connected to?

[Edit:] Somebody suggested using relative paths -- e.g., icons\my_icon.ico -- but that didn't work :(

[Edit:] I found the environment variables that I was talking about. What if I used %cd% for the path of the current directory?

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Use relative paths (eg \icons\my_icon.ico)

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