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So I really like how BBEdit allows you to fold blocks of code. But for Ruby code it doesn't recognize curly braces as a place to insert folds automatically. Is it possible to tweak the preferences in a way that lets me to collapse/expand code between curly braces (JavaScript code is like that)?

Hope this makes sense to someone.

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With Ruby selected in the language popup I do get that functionality. Perhaps you don't have Ruby selected in the language popup?

(I also didn't try this with the "Ruby in HTML" language setting - maybe you're using that?)

enter image description here

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Thanks Ryan! I just tried the same snippet that you have shown and it did work. Originally I wanted to fold code with braces that looks like this: @tasks = Task.to_json(:include => {...some nested code here...}) Do you think that it is possible? – Shvetusya May 21 '12 at 14:36

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