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I need send next escape sequence through COM port.


NOTE (from manual) Pressing "Ctrl-v", "Ctrl-[" on keyboard will generate the "^[" escape sequence. In some file systems, the escape sequences may not appear on the serial console but the input will still reach the character LCD.

Which combinations of keyboard's buttons should I use to generate above-stated escape sequence? Which virtual terminals need I use for this purpose? I have PuTTy and TeraTerm in Windows 7.

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^[ represents the Ctrl+[ keys, and is also equivalent to Esc on VT100-compatible terminals. The rest – [LD – are just literal characters.

Press Esc, [, L, D to send the sequence in PuTTY, TeraTerm or any other terminal emulator.

(Another version is Ctrl+[, [, L, D.)

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Teraterm has script language you can use. send 31 will send an escape. I suspect you can assign macros to function keys.

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