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I have KVM switch for MBP (Mac OS X 10.7.2) and PC (Windows 7 64-bit), sharing wireless keyboard, mouse, and dual DVI monitors. For the second monitor, I have a DVI to USB adapter connected directly to the KVM box. Everything works perfectly, I hot-key between my MBP and PC throughout the day. The only issue I have is when I switch between computers, whatever windows I have open are always moved to the primary monitor when I switch back. Very annoying in an otherwise perfect world. Does anyone know of a way to maintain the windows placement on both PC and MBP when switching?

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It's caused by the KVM switch not maintaining full-time DDC communication between the connected systems and the sharing monitor. There's two ways to solve it:

  1. Add an EDID emulator between each connected PC/system and the KVM switch.
  2. Find KVM switch that supports full time EDID/DDC communication.
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