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We have a user just Migrated to Outlook 2010. Everything works find but the search function won't do search at all. I went to Control Panel, Indexing option, selected Microsoft, Modify and unchecked Microsoft Outlook then Checked it again to re-do the indexing. It doesn't work. Then I went to Control Panel, Indexing option, selected Microsoft, Advanced and Rebuilt but also doesn't work. I repaired the OST and it also doesn't work. After I unchecked "use cached mode", the search function works but after I check "use cached mode" again, it doesn't work! I am having the user using his Outlook with "use cached mode" unchecked but is there a fix without using "use cached mode" unchecked

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1) Did you try renaming the ost file after outlook was closed? 2) is windows search started under services.msc –  sunk818 Nov 12 '14 at 5:52

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Don't you just love the changes? What I do is to: select the Inbox, press CTRL+SHIFT+F, choose "Browse ...", then check "Search subfolders". This is known as "Advanced Find".

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