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I am using Windows 7 and want to remove readonly from files, I tried all possible method like unchecking the readonly option from properties... using attrib command in CMD and Right-click on "My computer" > Select "Manage" > Under "System Tools" you'll find "Shared Folders" expand and select "Shares"> in here select the Share Name of your data (where the Read Only access is), and double-click it. > click on the tab "Share Permissions" and verify the correct group (individual) has “full control”.

I am still unable to remove it.... Any suggestion?

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What went wrong when you tried those things? – Cody Gray May 5 '12 at 11:06
file still remains read only... the read only tab is still checked – Mohd Wasi Hirekudi May 5 '12 at 11:09
possible duplicate of How to delete a file protected by Windows – Moab May 5 '12 at 15:22

Type cmd in the Start Menu or in Run and to...

Remove read-only attribute from a file type:

ATTRIB -R "C:\YourFile.ext"

Remove read-only attributes from a folder type:

ATTRIB -R "C:\YourFolder" /D

Remove read-only attributes from a directory tree (and all the files within) type:

ATTRIB -R "C:\YourFolder" /S /D

Otherwise, it may be an ACL issue and being on Windows 7, you'll want to use ICACLS:

ICACLS "C:\YourFileOrFolder" /grant:r %USERNAME%:F

You might need to specify your computer's name:

ICACLS "C:\YourFileOrFolder" /grant:r %COMPUTERNAME%\%USERNAME%:F

And if you need recursion:

ICACLS "C:\YourFileOrFolder" /grant:r %COMPUTERNAME%\%USERNAME%:F /T
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I had a networking problem. I had set the "D" spinner as shared in "Share" tab, for "Everyone". In the "Security" tab, I gave "Everyone" "Full Control" for all folders, sub-folders, and files. Still the files opened up as "Read-only". I then had to right-click each main folder in the drive, and set "Everyone" from the default "read" to "read/write". Then every file was fully shared.

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