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I'm a big fan of portability and battery life. I want to take the most out of a single recharge. Any tips to accomplish that?

Things on top of my mind:

  • Voltage reduction (with RMClock, any better software?)
  • Reduce brightness
  • Turning off devices (any software to do that automatically?)
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Which laptop? Most laptops come with software which does a discharge-recharge cycle, that can increase battery performance. Check the website of the laptop manufacturer.

Other things :

  • Disable wireless
  • Do not use the CD/DVD Drive

These settings can be automatically set using Windows power manager.

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If you are using Windows Vista, the Vista Battery Saver program can help disable OS features that suck up processing energy that is less than ideal for a computer operating on a limited energy bar.

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Probably the biggest battery saver I've when trying to conserve power is to reduce brightness.

In addition - adjust your power settings.

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