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In Microsoft Word, one can track changes.

How do I do so in Powerpoint?

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You can make track changes in PPT 2010 but not in 2007.

Suppose you have 2 presentations PPT A and PPT B where changes have been made in PPT B.

  1. Open PPT A and select Review tab, Compare.
  2. Select and open PPT B.
  3. The changes appear as Markup and a Reviewing pane appears on the right of the screen displaying PPT B as a slide or you can see the detailed changes.

You can also hover over the pencils to see what's changed. The Next and Previous buttons are like in Word where you can navigate to each change and accept or decline the change or accept/decline all changes.

In PPT 2007 you can only track inserted comments rather than compare any changes between 2 presentations.

This also has similar answer but in more details.

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The Compare feature isn't as powerful as Track Changes. Word has both features; PowerPoint only has Compare. The key differences: (1) Track Changes displays the changes inline instead of separately (2) Track Changes allows you to accumulate a whole stack of changes from multiple users. – taoyue May 5 '12 at 23:50

That depends somewhat on which version of PPT you have, but no version has anything like the tools Word does.

Basically, it boils down to users adding comments to a PPT file.

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