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I recently tried to move .Xauthority away from ~/.Xauthority in a futile attempt to clean up my home directory. Or, rather, I set $XAUTHORITY to somewhere else, changed startx to startx -- -auth /somewhere/else, and thought things would be ok.

They weren't, of course. In the process, my old .Xauthority got removed, and now vim is broken.

When I try to run vim, I simply get:

BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Vim: Got X error
Vim: finished

And vim immediately exits. I put everything back how I found it (unset Xauthority and removed the -auth arg from the call to startx), and still vim dies.

I can, of course, get around this by running vim -X, and it looks like there is an error somewhere along the line with X, but I can't imagine what. I'm not even sure how to debug this. xsel / xclip or whatever have no trouble connecting to the X server, so it doesn't look like an Xauthority problem. However, I haven't the slightest idea how to get vim back on it's feet.

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I was wrong. Xauthority was not the culprit, Xresources was. I had also merged Xdefaults into Xresources (as Xdefaults is deprecated) and had forgotten about it; that merging was the source of my troubles. (I had a naked variable in Xdefaults intended for urxvt which vim was trying to honor, causing it to crash with invalid parameter attributes).

My apologies for the confusion.

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