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VLC's interface seems to imply that you can manage a collection of music without having to first open a playlist or folder. I assume my "Media Library" is empty, because the default root directory contains no media. How does the Media Library work?

I have set Preferences > All > Playlists > [x] Use media library, but I am not seeing any obvious method for configuring what goes into the Media Library. For example, Media Library > Open Media loads files into the playlist interface above it.

use media library

open media

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VLC's Media Library is actually a special XSPF playlist, so managing folders and files in the Media Library view is comparable to that in the Playlist view.

After setting Preferences > All > Playlists > [x] Use media library as shown in the question body above, Right-click the area below the list columns (e.g. Title, Duration, Artist), and select an option from the context menu.


As an example, I have added my Music folder to the library.

added a folder

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Seems like this doesn't work on Mac :( – Sridhar-Sarnobat Jan 6 at 21:57
@Sridhar-Sarnobat On Mac, simply drag a folder from Finder and drop it in the empty area. (This also works on Windows from Explorer.) – cdhowie Apr 26 at 15:22

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