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I have a sheet called say detail_data.xls now i want to split this sheet based on columns say column a,j and s in one sheet called chasis. column c, f and r in second sheet called port.

like wise

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just use control+click on the columns to select a subset and copy onto a new sheet. – Reuben L. May 6 '12 at 14:50

Method A.

Open the spread sheet. Choose Save As. Save it as a different name (or in Google Docs, "Make a copy". Open that new copy. Delete the columns you do not want. Save and close. Open the original. Delete the columns that would enable you to make this a different sheet.

In other words... you have excel sheet detail_data.xls. It has 6 columns... a through f. You wish to move a, c, and d to a new sheet. Create a copy of the spread sheet. On the new sheet, delete b, e, and F. On the old sheet, delete a, c, and d. You now have a new sheet with just the columns you wanted.

Method B.

Select and copy the columns you want on a new sheet. Open new sheet. Paste columns into new sheet.

EDIT Unless you read this and you realize that you didn't explain what you really wanted to do, or that you explained it incorrectly...

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