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It would be so useful, and not very difficult, because in fact I have Directory Opus installed (a very powerful windows explorer alternative) and it does exactly that, but only by double-clicking the desktop, not the taskbar.

Similar options with middle-click would also be nice, such as scrolling the taskbar (maybe cycling directly through the Alt-Tab window).

7 Task Tweaker is close to this, actually, but it doesn't do what I would like.

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I've been looking for this too, and I'm starting to think it's just not possible. – TankorSmash Sep 10 '12 at 0:42

An AutoHotkey script can convert double-click on the taskbar to click. In fact, with AutoHotkey you can do anything you like with any mouse/keyboard event.

The article Single click vs Double click on tray icon contains this script that you can adapt to your needs, by ignoring the second click of the double-click:

Menu, Tray, Add, TEST, TEST
Menu, Tray,Default, TEST
Menu, Tray, Click, 1

If x = 5 ;here you can set how many clicks user can do max
SetTimer, Run, 300 ;here you need to experiment to suit you
SetTimer, DEL, 350

SetTimer, Run, Off
MsgBox % x

SetTimer, DEL, Off
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