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In OSX I am looking to try and lock the Universal Access preferences to help prevent those options from being enabled (color inversion, zoom, contrast, etc.).

Attempted to lock the Universal Access preference file but it doesn't seem to maintain the ability to not have the color inverted.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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You could try to first disable all the keyboard shortcuts related to it from System Prefereces » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts » Universal Access

Then, you can remove the preference pane for Universal Access entirely. Quit the System Preferences app, open up a Terminal and enter

cd /System/Library/PreferencePanes
sudo mv UniversalAccessPref.prefPane UniversalAccessPref.prefPane.disabled

It'll magically disappear next time you open System Preferences.

To undo that, you obviously have to:

cd /System/Library/PreferencePanes
sudo mv UniversalAccessPref.prefPane.disabled UniversalAccessPref.prefPane
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How about disabling the shortcut keys? It would take a rather more convluted series of actions to turn them on, than you'd expect to take by accident.

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