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Yesterday I tried to help someone with his wireless connection, but as usual, it's always a weird problem. I couldn't fix it, and hope by describing the problem, you have some options I could try tomorrow.

The problem:

Since he changed his ISP, he can't wirelessly connect with his laptop to the router. When you put a cable in, it connect , then disconnect , connect, disconnect, etc. But on school, he says, it works fine.

Additional information:

  • Router: Cisco EPC3925
  • Windows Vista
  • Other PCs with Windows XP work fine with cable.

What I noticed:

A lot of start up programs are on the machine. I disabled Hamachi. It says it has local connection but pinging to the router results in a time-out. After entering ipconfig -release and ipconfig -renew I get on IP.

With the cable of the other Windows XP PC, it still switches between connected and disconnected.
It has no static IP.

What I was thinking to do is bring my own laptop and try to connect and look if the Router is giving me an IP (DHCP) and run a virus scan on his laptop. I'll look in the router if it has MAC address filtering and try a static IP.

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can you be more specific in which way he "can`t connect"? Do you see the router in the wireless tool? Which tool are you using (windows or vendor specific)? Are you using encryption? etc pp – Baarn May 7 '12 at 7:42
Can you clarify what do you mean by "connected and disconnected"? Do you mean you can get on the internet, or just got an IP from DHCP or the physical link flapping? – May 7 '12 at 11:46

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