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Is there a way of mounting certain drives with NET USE only when you're connected to certain networks? I use this particular laptop at home and at work. When I am at home and connect to the network there, I'd like to automatically mount some samba shares that are present.

At the moment I use the /persistent flag. If one of the home shares gets selected by accident or a program attempts to scan it whilst I am at work, Explorer tends to hang.

Is there a way around this?

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You may be able to do that with Scheduled Tasks in Windows 7. It has triggers for startup / login and can run jobs only if networks are available (Conditions-> Start only if the following network connection is available). Create a script with net use and have the Task Manager run it when the conditions are right.

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You can use NetProfiles who can easily do the mount itself. However you'll need to choose which profile to run on any of the networks you connect

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