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When comparing IE with firefox or chrome loads very slow and some times non responsive why? because of the way its programmed while developing or is there any difference while connecting to servers like trying to connect in a secure way checking digital signatures,certificates like that while loading pages?

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A lot depends on the IE version. IE6&7 are slow, IE8&9 are incrementally better (however still behind the curve). It has been stated that IE10 will be close (if not better) than other browsers: we'll see. – Richard May 8 '12 at 7:36

As Richard stated, it depends which version of IE you are running. As you progressively increase versions in IE, the performance gets better. Although, a lot of other factors come into play. Seeing as IE is automatically built into every Microsoft Operating System, most software installation bind to that browser (in software that adds toolbars, etc) and a good portion of malicious exploitation is directed towards IE ( as, by default, it holds a bigger market of users ).

It's tough to straight up compare different browsers (FF vs IE vs Chrome) as their source-code has entirely different structure.

Websites become more and more complex and therefore requirements on good internet browsers constantly increase. Certainly a high level of usability and security are important as well but we focus on the pure speed of websites.

Here are multiple comparisons between the web browser race. Granted that document is rather dated, it still shows valid information as of: Jul 03, 2009.

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here When developing some code for web development - my work seemed to perform better (by default) in other browsers OTHER than IE...(default install of IE) which makes me believe it is the structure of the program that hinders on performance (possible ties into UAC and other malicious prevention controllers built into the Windows OS)

The up coming release of IE 10 is said to be the best, as every browser says that when they release their product - but this is only speculation until it IS released and we are able to perform benchmarks on it. (I Doubt the poor browser stereotype Microsoft holds will last a very long time) enter image description here

Food for Thought: Logically you might ask, with the size of Microsoft, why don't they dedicate more developers towards making IE perform better? [As I do not work for Microsoft, I cannot answer directly]

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