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I have a Netgear 300 ADSL 2+ modem router in my home office. I wish to use an older Billion ADSL modem router as a hub and place it in the roof so as to access the internet on either of two TV's a considerable distance apart in the front and rear rooms. Achieving this wirelessly is not an option as WiFi extenders require a downgrade to WEP security. Any advice appreciated from anyone who has successfully installed such a system. The layout will be: iMac <<< Netgear Modem >>> Billion Hub >>>TV1 / TV2 Streaming can then be from the iMac or a PS3 connected to one of the TV's. I can access the setup pages to configure the modems but have zero knowledge on how to configure such a setup.

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Are you trying to go wireless or wired to the TVs? It sounds like what you want is just an access point. (You can use the modem/router as an access point. Just shut off its DHCP server.) – David Schwartz May 8 '12 at 9:52
Is the connection between the two routers wired? – Paul May 8 '12 at 10:30

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