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I have a problem opening Excel 2007 documents in Excel 2010 where when I open the document, Excel gives me an error of "Current printer unavailable, select a new printer" and Excel presents a dialog window with all my printers, including my current default printer, which is an HP OfficeJet Pro 8000. If I select any printer besides the OfficeJet, Excel will take about 30-45 seconds, then open the document.

My computer is a Windows 7 x64 bit with Office 2010 Professional, fully updated. The person I'm receiving the Excel 2007 documents from is using Windows XP with Office 2007 Professional, fully updated, and this user also has an OfficeJet Pro 8000 as their default printer.

I've never seen this error before and I"m not having much luck Googling it. Any suggestions?

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If this only happens with this one specific file, you might try copying the contents of the file to a new workbook. If that resolves the issue it was a corrupt file. If this error happens more than with the one file, try repairing your installation with your Office CD. – CharlieRB May 8 '12 at 17:03
It happens with multiple files, but not all and I've tried the Office repair on the Office 2007 workstation and the Office 2010 workstation. – Eric Feldhusen May 8 '12 at 18:44

I had the same issue. What fixed it for me was to switch my default printer to a different printer, and then switch it back.

You can switch your default printer in the Windows Devices and Printers pane. Right click on the printer and hit set as default printer.

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