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Im using tmux on urxvt, I have activity monitoring turned on and i noticed that all tmux windows get an activity notification after every 10~15 seconds, when i switch to that window there is nothing. It could be something in my zsh config (I use oh-my-zsh) is there any way identify what causes the activity ?

BTW: Im using nested tmux sessions. here are my configs:

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Did you by any chance include the seconds in the clock in your tmux status bar? Tmux will update your status bar every 15 seconds, which would trigger the activity notification.

Edit: Instead of

set-option -g status-right '#[fg=green]#(date +"%h %a %d %H:%M") #[fg=white]#(whoami)@#h'


set-option -g status-right '#[fg=green]%h %a %d %H:%M #[fg=white]#(whoami)@#h'

to use tmux's built-in strftime-processing of status-right instead of calling date. tmux will call any external commands every 15 minutes by default, and I bet it doesn't check to see if the new output is the same as the current display, and so writes the "new" string to the screen, triggering an activity alert.

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I thought it might be because of that, but nope no clock in my status. But it might be because of that as i'm using nested tmux, maybe the inner tmux is triggering an clock event ?? – jagguli May 11 '12 at 1:28

It's the nested tmux's status clock which triggers the notifications. You can prevent this by setting the status-interval option to a high value that suits your needs (eg. 43200 for 12 hours), or 0 to disable if you use tmux version 1.9 or above.

For more details have a look at my answer to this other question on the subject.

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