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I've spent all night working on this layout for a client and I'm 100% sure I saved my work — every 5-10 seconds of work I save.

That said. I open up Photoshop today to get some work done I notice that although my layers are there and named, they don't show on the document/canvas.

For example, if I have a text layer with red text, I select the layer and the color thing above in the property pane turns to the colors I gave all my headers — but the actual content (the text in this case) is nowhere on the page.

Keeping on with the troubleshooting, I hit Ctrl0 so I can see the whole document. Then I mouse over one of the layers layers that is acting weird, I mouse over the layer thumbnail, I hit Ctrl and click it so that it can auto select the content on that layers and again, nothing.

Any ideas as to what could be happening?

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Does the appropriate image appear in the layer's thumbnail? When you hit Ctrl + T, does any bounding box show up (even off of the image canvas)? – Breakthrough May 9 '12 at 18:47
I'm guessing that you have an opaque layer at the top which is hiding everything behind it. Have you tried hiding all the layers and then unhiding them one at a time? – paradroid May 9 '12 at 18:48
@paranoid, yes i hid ALL the layers and one by one went turning them on/off and nothing. @ breakthrough, yeah no bounding box comes up. ive never had a problem like this b4. – somdow May 9 '12 at 21:04
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This might be caused by bugs in your graphics card driver. Go to Preferences (Ctrl+K) → Performance and uncheck the "Enable GPU" option to see of that would help.

Updating the driver may also work.

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This is not a bad suggestion, but I edited it to clearly state this is a case of it might being the case. Without knowing the full details on the original poseter’s system, there is no way to say this is definitely the case. Your suggestion and the other about layer settings are equally valid. – JakeGould Jan 14 '15 at 5:24

Check if layer filter is not activated (the little red square).

enter image description here

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I had this same problem this morning and somehow my layer that was missing got moved way outside the canvas so use the move tool with the layer selected and see if you can find your content.

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This one took me a minute... because I had my second monitor OFF!

Once I saw the tip to hit 'f' to cycle full screen , I saw the window on the edge of my primary/on monitor. I simply turned on my second monitor and viola, my image window was there.

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