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I am using virtual machine workstation 8 and have virtualized a live server. I would like to know if its possible for the VM to sync with the server so there is always a up to date backup of the live server?

Im not sure if syncing is possible at all but if anyone else knows of a way to do this i would greatly appreciate it if you could share your knowledge.


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what kind of syncing are you referring to? What server are you running? – chmod May 9 '12 at 13:45

A Virtual Machine behaves 95% identically to a physical server. How you would "sync" it with another server is identical to how you would do it with two physical servers.

If you're talking about wanting to have both a virtual and physical server kept exactly the same... you're probably going to be working 10x harder than you need to. It's typically easier/cheaper to setup a cluster for the important services you have...

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