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I am trying to install Linux on my MacBook Pro. I would prefer Fedora but XUbuntu or Ubuntu is fine also. The firmware does not support the last Linux versions. The only OS I could install was Ubuntu 10.10 but it gave me several problems, like no internet connection and several issues that you can find in this thread on the Ubuntu forums.

I need Linux for several reasons in my study and I don't want to use a virtual machine because I don't have enough memory. Is there anybody that had my same problem and solved it or can redirect me to a good guide to avoid/correct this problem?

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The booting issue is well known - the SATA chipset that the 8.2 uses is (was?) not well supported by Linux. The fix for this comes down to:

  1. Find a USB flash drive and a blank disk.
  2. Download the AMD64 Mac ISO, and burn it onto the CD.
  3. Write the ISO onto the thumbdrive using dd.
  4. Place the USB drive and the CD in, and reboot onto the CD.

The 8.2 uses a Broadcom 4331 card, you have to go with the open source driver, as Broadcom's binary driver doesn't support the 4331. The patch was accepted in kernel version 3.2, which Ubuntu 12.04 has.

The firmware, however, is not redistributable with the default install - as such, find an ethernet cable and install the firmware-b43-installer package.

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