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I've been using w3m lately to browse the web, but sometimes I want to view the page in firefox instead. Is there a way to open the current page in w3m in firefox with a keyboard shortcut?

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While in w3m, type o to open the Option Setting Panel. Scroll down to the External Program Settings section and the External Browser line. In the text field on the right, enter firefox. Move to the [OK] box a few lines down and hit Enter.

Now, if you're on a page you want to view using Firefox, just type M. To follow a link using Firefox, type <Esc>M.

You can also add second and third external browsers if you want to use something else in addition to Firefox.

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thanks. I had to change the line in External Program Settings from /usr/bin/mozilla to /usr/bin/firefox and that did the trick – Idr May 10 '12 at 5:59

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