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Im using Windows 7. There are two input/output jack plug front (where the power button is) and back on the PC. The front plugins arent working (no sounds) while on the back works. I want the front to be working, what to do?

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It would be helpful if you included the make/model of PC that you are using, if it is home built, include the motherboard, soundcard and case make/model – Tog May 10 '12 at 9:07

Front audio connectors are typically

  • headphone output
  • microphone input

As you may know, you should not connect speakers, powered speakers or a normal amplifier to a headphone output because these expect different signal levels.

Read audio connectors are typically different signal levels and impedances from front connectors

  • line out
  • line in
  • speakers out
    • left front
    • right front
    • etc

Sometimes they include

  • microphone in

As you know, you must match devices to signal levels and impedances expected by each of these. For example, connecting a microphone to line-in will result in inaudible or very weak recording levels.

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yes, they are headphone and microphone – John Smith May 11 '12 at 7:20

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