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My iMac has an external mini wireless keyboard (so identical to Macbooks) and I need to pass the Insert key to the virtual machine running windows 7 under VMWare Fusion 4.1. Lots of web advice that doesn't work under v4.1, including this one on superuser.

Doesn't work. Any ideas?

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You can define the Insert key in the Settings for your virtual machine.

  1. Open the Settings for your VM. (Not Fusion's Preferences).
  2. Click Keyboard & Mouse. Click Keyboard & Mouse
  3. Select the Default profile.
  4. Select Edit Profile from the drop down. Click Edit Profile
  5. Click the + button. Click the + button
  6. Click in the top box and press fn+return. Num Pad Enter should appear in the box.
  7. In the bottom box select Insert from the drop down list. Setup the Num Pad Enter as the Insert key
  8. Press Ok and close the Settings window.

You can now use the Insert key by pressing fn+return just like in .

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