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I can't install JDK on my Windows 7 64bit system. I downloaded the latest version (jdk-7u4-Windows-x64.exe) from Oracle and ran it. A warning appeared, because it's a download. I commited to continue. Nothing happened. Thus, I tried again (several times). Without success.

Therefore, I downloaded the installer again and tried as well the 32bit version. But no effect.

Hence, I monitored the hard disk with "Disk Pule":

Created, modified and deleted at the end:


2 folders were created in:


And after all, this was modified:


I am at my wit's end. Any ideas?

Edit: Same problem on another PC with Windows 7 64bit.

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I had similar symptoms. I don't know if we have the exact same problem, but I only had JRE 6u32 and the JDK I was trying to install was 7u4. I downloaded JDK 6u32 and it installed perfectly.

Might just be a version mis-match. HTH

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Try with the zipped binaries. Unpack, point your apps to it, done.

EDIT: Check this thread where can I get the latest JRE / JDK as a zip file, I mean, no exe installer

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Where can I get them? – MegaMuetzenMike May 9 '12 at 21:39
Edited the answer. – Alfabravo May 9 '12 at 22:39

I had the same issue, nothing happened after i double clicked jdk installer. My problem had been that my window's builtin administrator has russian letters in name => these letters were in the home folder name, when i created new admin user with only english letters and delete old, all installed, Check your windows user for utf-8 letters, eg: ®, ã, ë or any other non english letters.

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Solution 1: Upgraded your OS and the try.


Solution 2: Right click on JDK installer and select Unblock. And then click OK.

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Could you expand your "solution 2"? Your first solution is the nuclear not really acceptable answer. – Burgi Apr 11 at 23:53

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