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Is there a way to kill the Virtual PC Host Process (vpc.exe)?
In Process Explorer, it runs as a sub-process of svchost.exe (itself a sub-process of services.exe).

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If it runs as a sub-process of svhost.exe means that probabilly Virtual PC Host Process (vpc.exe) is a Windows Service. Check on services.msc if there isn't a service called "Virtual PC Host" or something like, then right-click on it and kill or disable it just as is done with other services.

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I've already looked there, but there is nothing in the list that even closely resemble "Virtual PC" or derivative naming. – Chris May 11 '12 at 5:27

There is a sure-fire way of stopping it, however it is not elegant.

When you run Process Explorer as an administrator/with elevation, you can right-click on the vpc.exe process and kill it out-right.


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