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I recently got into Foobar2000 and while I love most things about it, I'm rather disastisfied with the ugly scroll bars, separators, and look of the default interface. Is there a way I can change this without having to lose the default Interface Module?

(Columns-UI is more complicated and I don't really want to deal with it, if possible)

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In a word: No. The Default UI Module, by and large, uses standard Windows widgets in a fairly sane manner. If you want something vastly different, you're going to have to use either an alternate UI module or a different player.

That said, the Default UI module is pretty powerful, and some very attractive layouts have been built up using it. The Default UI Gallery and Associated Discussion threads on the Foobar2000 forum may provide some insight.

Also, I haven't used them myself, but you may find the SimPlaylist and SimPlaylist Manager components of some worth in letting you put together a UI you're happier with without as much complexity as the Columns UI might introduce for you.

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It's worth noting that user's have managed to achieve a better looking with the Default UI using Visual Styles for Windows. And while that's not a direct solution, it's still helpful, as was the rest of your information. thanks! – Kayle May 18 '12 at 21:22

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