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I replaced a failed hard disk which was mounted to /home. After boot, I logged in as root and replaced the uuid of the /home mount in /etc/fstab then rebooted it. Now it gets stuck on boot with the messages:

/dev/sda2 is mounted
WARNING: filesystem is mounted..... continue will cause *** SEVERE *** error ...., do you want to continue (Y/n)?

But it doesn't accept my 'N' input. It still reacts to Ctrl-Alt-Del. Do you have any idea how I can stop Ubuntu from mounting this one?

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I haven't seen this particular error, but I would boot from a live CD and comment out that line in /etc/fstab until you can boot the system. – user55325 May 11 '12 at 0:56
Thanks user55325, i did that. The first time booting from cd and somehow the /etc/fstab is completely different to the one I modified. But luckily the second time rebooting from cd, the modified /etc/fstab comes back so I could delete the line and boot into system. Now this problem is fixed. Thanks. – Kenneth May 12 '12 at 0:59

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