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How may I setup a RAM disk on my Windows 7 computer without using third-party software? There seems to be a lot of third-party applications that can do this, but I am wondering if this is something that Windows already provides, perhaps through the command line interface or Administrator controls, that is not as intuitive as a nice GUI. Thanks.

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There is no ramdisk included with windows, you must use a 3rd party one.

They do have the source for a ramdisk in their Driver Development Kit that you could compile and install. But I would recommend going with a 3rd party solution as it will be much more robust than a quick SDK example (often example code will not be written with best practices because understandability is more important that perfect design when writing a example (whats the point of writing a example if your student is totally lost looking at it)).

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Check this out: RAMDISK, part of the Windows Driver Kit. I've never used it, but it looks a lot like the old MS-DOS .sys file that you could use to make Ramdisks. Let us know if it works!

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That is example code that must be complied, if you are going to download something I would recommend using something that has a community that you can ask for help (like a support forum) when something does not work right. – Scott Chamberlain May 11 '12 at 14:29

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