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After adding a local virtual host in MAMP PRO (os x lion) everything works as expected. Out of curiosity I had a look at httpd-vhosts.conf file placed in MAMP/conf/apache/extra and to my surprise this is all I can see:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin webmaster@dummy-host.example.com
    DocumentRoot "/Applications/MAMP/Library/docs/dummy-host.example.com"
    ServerName dummy-host.example.com
    ServerAlias www.dummy-host.example.com
    ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-error_log"
    CustomLog "logs/dummy-host.example.com-access_log" common

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin webmaster@dummy-host2.example.com
    DocumentRoot "/Applications/MAMP/Library/docs/dummy-host2.example.com"
    ServerName dummy-host2.example.com
    ErrorLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-error_log"
    CustomLog "logs/dummy-host2.example.com-access_log" common

It hasn't added my virtual host into the file and I don't even see a path to localhost (but it works!) Does it have to do with the fact that MAMP is using a httpd.conf template? Where is the info about my virtual hosts stored? Can I add virtual hosts manually?

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I've found out I was looking in the wrong place, the right path to httpd.conf for MAMP PRO is ~/Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO.

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